How to choose the color of curtains for the bedrooms

The owner will always choose the favorite color of curtains for the bedroom. Because it is the owner's private space. In other words, the owner doesn't need to have to consider the guest's subjective feelings. So this can show the character of the owner. Now let us see several colors of curtains.

white bedroom curtains
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People who like blue curtains are relatively rational, they have a remarkable capacity for calmness which come unexpectedly. In conflict, they will quietly waiting for the other and become anger. Then the rational and the other is analyzed, with beautiful techniques and the wonderful sound to subdue, giving each other a deadly attack. But it is precisely because of this, they always feel that their opinion is right. While others can be stubborn, and he holds the opposite opinion. He will just think about how to put down their opponents, rather than to consider the others' point of view which is really correct, which can easily make people fall into a paranoid character.

white bedroom curtains
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And people who like the purple color is just the opposite. They have too many perceptual knowledge, so like always melancholy and moody. They are remarkable artistic talent. They have keen observation of things, for many things have their own unique views, unique experience but they are not good at expression, out in public, they are tedious and introverted, their delicate and sensitive, they often abuse their feelings, so they will give their personal life to bring some unnecessary trouble.

And people who like black and white bedroom curtains (http://www.curtainsmarket.com/) tend to be relatively optimistic open and bright person. They dare to love and hate, with distinct personality. They are often maintain an optimistic style of acting, and they don't like procrastination, like to carry out with drive and sweep. They can handle everything in a good way. But just because they are too confident, so sometimes some stupid mistakes will be made.


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