How to use and maintenance the lighting?

After purchasing the lighting, we had better check the marks of lighting and read the installation instruction, then we could install the fixture according to instructions.

When we clean and maintenance the Mini Pendant Lights, we had better not change the structure of the fixture, do not change the fitting of the lighting. After cleaning the fixture, install the lighting as before, do not miss the fitting and wrong equipment.

Mini Pendant Lights

When we use the lighting, we had better not turn on and off the lamps frequently. When we turn on the lamps, current is greater than the normal working hours, makes the filament temperature rise sharply accelerate sublimation, that do the harm for life of lighting, so we try best to reduce the frequency of the turning on the lighting.

When we use the lighting, we had better maintenance the lamps, that could keep the lamps for long. We could scrub the bulb with cloth in case of moist, that may cause rusty damage or leakage short circuit, when we install the lighting in the bathroom and kitchen, had better equip with proof lamp shade, otherwise that cold influence life of the lamps. Lamps installed in kitchen could be anti-smoke, if there is much grease on the lamps, that may influence the lighting in the kitchen, the shade could be pale color, we had better scrub it always in case of dust. If the fixture is metal, we could use wet cloth, do not let dust influence lighting.

Fixture had better not wash with water, we could use cloth to scrub it slowly. Do not scrub the fixture after turning on the lamps.


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