Vintage yet Modern: Your Own Candle Wall Sconces

Unsure on how to style a certain room? Spice it up with some vintage flair! Add rustic furnishings, wooden furniture and a great lighting fix to top it all off. What’s the best to use on antiques inspired rooms? Introducing Candle Wall Sconces- the perfect lighting fixture to add for Victorian style and vintage-inspired homes. Evoke a back-to-the-past feeling by installing candle wall sconces in your home today!

Antique Look and Feel
For a truly authentic vintage inspired home, candle wall sconces are your best lighting bets. Candle wall sconces are usually made of wood, glass, or sturdy metals, and a lot of sconces nowadays are really made for candles to be placed in. Beautiful and sturdy, they look so authentic you’ll feel like you’ve just stepped into a centuries-old book. Just like the old times, right? But of course, innovations came and candle wall sconces now feature LED light bulbs instead of real candles to minimize the hazards associated with fire.

candle decortive wall sconces

Vintage Yet Modern
Most candle decortive wall sconces that are available in the market today have intricate designs that still look vintage but are very modern to the senses. Feast your eyes on a variety of candle wall sconces made from a merry mix of materials. Mosaic glass and metals come together to create a beautiful geometric inspired candle wall sconce. Sconces in shapes such as tulips, cages and scrolls abound in the market and make for excellent light fixtures at the entry of a home’s doorway or a gate. Whether rustic or modern, you’ll surely be delighted with what candle wall sconces will have to offer you.

Ambient as Well as Task-Friendly
candle decortive wall sconces
Generally, ambient lighting is what a candle wall sconce has to offer, but there is an increasing number of modern craftsmen that can manufacture candle wall sconces with more of the brightness of task lighting. Whichever you prefer to use, they’ll work well with your home based on the designing that you have in store for your home.

Delight your senses and travel back in time with candle wall sconces- the best vintage light fixture that there is. So the next time you’ll be renovating part of the home, be sure to include a candle wall sconce and let the rustic lights guide your way!


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